S-40.1 - Act respecting the Québec correctional system

Full text
19. The record maintained by the correctional services, which must in all cases be communicated to the Commission québécoise des libérations conditionnelles to enable it to render informed decisions concerning temporary absence and conditional release, shall include
(1)  warrants of committal relating to the current sentence;
(2)  court orders under execution or which will take effect at a later date;
(3)  judicial records;
(4)  pre-sentencing reports;
(5)  the information and documents contained in the record maintained by the court, the victim statement, the summary of events and the police statement;
(6)  the offender’s assessment and correctional intervention plan;
(7)  the recommendation of the facility director or the person designated by the director concerning temporary absence or conditional release;
(8)  the reports relating to the current sentence describing the offender’s rehabilitation process and conduct while in custody and, where applicable, during a temporary absence;
(9)  the reports filed prior to the current sentence describing the offender’s behaviour while in custody or during the application of a community measure, at the provincial or federal level;
(10)  any verification of the reintegration plan and any confirmation of admission into a community-based resource or a program;
(11)  any psychological, psychiatric or sexological report prepared in connection with the offender’s assessment made at any stage of the judicial or correctional process and related to the current or a prior sentence.
2002, c. 24, s. 19.