M-13.1 - Mining Act

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95. (Repealed).
1987, c. 64, s. 95; 2013, c. 32, s. 49.
95. The Minister may exempt a licensee from any required work not performed within the time prescribed, for any year of the term of his licence except the first year, if the licensee had valid reasons for not doing so, provided that, before the end of the year,
(1)  he files an application for exemption in writing with the Minister informing him of his reasons for not performing the work;
(2)  he pays to the Minister an amount equal to the minimum cost of the required work or, as the case may be, to the difference between the minimum cost and the cost of the work performed and reported.
The Minister may also authorize a licensee to perform the work required for the first year during the second year of the term of his licence, in addition to the work schedule for the second year, if the licensee proves that he had valid reasons for not performing it as scheduled.
1987, c. 64, s. 95.