C-61 - Wild-life Conservation Act

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75. (Replaced).
1969, c. 58, s. 69; 1978, c. 65, s. 42; 1983, c. 39, s. 184.
75. Any person other than a conservation officer who wears a uniform or a badge similar to the uniform or the badge of a conservation officer or who uses a vehicle provided with distinguishing marks similar to those of the vehicle of a conservation officer is guilty of an offence and liable, in addition to the payment of the costs, to a fine of $100 to $200 or to imprisonment for not less than seven days or to both these penalties at the same time.
1969, c. 58, s. 69; 1978, c. 65, s. 42.
75. Whoever aids or abets another person to infringe this act or the regulations is a party to such offence and is liable to the same penalties as the person who commits the infringement.
1969, c. 58, s. 69.