C-23.1 - Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly

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18. No Member may, directly or indirectly, be party to a contract with the Government or a department or public body.
However, a Member may
(1)  have interests in an enterprise that is party to such a contract, subject
(a)  in the case of an enterprise whose securities are not listed on an exchange and for which there is no published market, to informing the Ethics Commissioner as soon as the Member becomes aware of the contract and to the Ethics Commissioner authorizing the Member to retain the interest, on the conditions specified by the Commissioner, such as the creation of a blind trust managed by an independent trustee or the establishment of a blind management agreement with an independent mandatary; and
(b)  in the case of any other enterprise, to collusion or undue influence being unlikely given the extent of the interests or the circumstances in which the contract is made;
(2)  receive a loan, a reimbursement, a grant, an indemnity or any other benefit from the Government or a department or public body under any Act, regulation or program; and
(3)  hold securities issued by the Government or a public body on the same terms as are applicable to all.
2010, c. 30, s. 18.