P-41.1 - Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities

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79.2.7. The Government may, by regulation, prescribe other conditions applicable to the expansion in agricultural activities permitted under section 79.2.5 to reduce the inconvenience caused by odours resulting from agricultural activities.
The regulation must determine the animals to which this subdivision applies, and fix the number of animals equivalent to one livestock unit and the odour coefficient per category or group of animals.
The regulation may, in particular, prescribe, determine, prohibit, limit, and control practices, methods, equipment, processes or techniques as regards the spreading or storing of manure.
In addition, the regulation may vary any standard or condition on the basis in particular of the number, category or group of animals concerned, types of manure, the odour coefficient attributed to a category or group of animals, geographical characteristics, the regions or municipalities concerned and periods of the year.
The Government may, in the regulation, make mandatary a standard established by another government or body, and provide that a reference to such a standard includes any subsequent amendments made to it.
Without restricting the powers of the Minister, the Government may specify in the regulation which sections of the regulation must be applied by one or more municipalities, and the municipalities must enforce or see to the enforcement of the regulation to that extent.
2001, c. 35, s. 13.