P-41.1 - Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities

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79.2.1. In an agricultural zone, a building used or intended to be used for a purpose other than an agricultural purpose must not be erected or enlarged on the side facing the breeding unit whose siting would entail the greatest restriction on the potential for expanding the agricultural activities therein if the siting or enlargement of the building were taken into account in applying separation distance requirements. However, a municipality may not refuse to issue a building permit for the sole reason of non-compliance with that condition.
Where, pursuant to the first paragraph, a point on the perimeter of such a building or its enlargement encroaches upon the space that, under separation distance requirements, must be left open between any neighbouring breeding unit, any separation distance requirement applicable at the time of the erection or enlargement of the building continues to apply to the expansion in agricultural activities of any neighbouring breeding unit without taking into account the siting of the building or its enlargement.
2001, c. 35, s. 13.