A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

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79.19.10. The by-law comes into force on the day an opinion attesting that it is consistent with government policy directions is notified to the regional county municipality by the Minister or, failing such an opinion, on the expiry of the period prescribed in section 79.19.4.
However, if the by-law concerns part of the territory of a metropolitan community, it cannot come into force before the date on which the secretary of the community issues the certificate of conformity.
As soon as practicable after the coming into force of the by-law, the secretary of the regional county municipality shall see to it that a notice of the coming into force of the by-law is posted in the office of every municipality whose territory is concerned by the by-law, and shall publish the notice in a newspaper circulated in the territory of every such municipality.
2021, c. 72021, c. 7, s. 6.