A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

Full text
130.5. (Repealed).
1993, c. 3, s. 64; 1994, c. 16, s. 51; 1994, c. 32, s. 17.
130.5. Not later than 15 days before the day the public meeting is held on a draft by-law affecting an immovable acquired under a provision of the Act respecting municipal industrial immovables (chapter I-0.1) or any other legislative provision enabling a municipality to acquire immovables for industrial purposes, the clerk or the secretary-treasurer of the municipality shall transmit to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Technology a notice indicating summarily the ways in which the immovable is affected by the draft by-law and mentioning the date, time, place and object of the meeting.
1993, c. 3, s. 64.