A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

Full text
130.4. (Replaced).
1993, c. 3, s. 64; 1996, c. 25, s. 57.
130.4. Not later than 15 days before the day the public meeting is held, the clerk or the secretary-treasurer of the municipality shall post in the office of the municipality and publish in a newspaper circulated in its territory a notice of the date, time, place and object of the meeting.
Unless the draft by-law is a concordance draft by-law to be adopted under section 58 or 59, the notice shall, where the draft by-law concerns a zone or sector, illustrate by means of a sketch the perimeter of the zone or sector and describe it by using, whenever possible, the names of thoroughfares. It must then be posted in the zone or sector so as to be easily seen by passers-by.
1993, c. 3, s. 64.