T-11.2 - Act respecting remunerated passenger transportation by automobile

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94. A fare calculated in accordance with section 93 may in no case be less than the amount paid to the driver, for the trip made, by any person other than the client or the passenger.
In addition, a fare so calculated may not exceed the price obtained by applying a rate determined by the Minister from among the rates fixed by the Commission under the second paragraph of section 95, multiplied by a multiplier, not exceeding three, prescribed by regulation of the Minister,
(1)  if the trip is made in a territory and during a period determined by the Minister and if, in the Minister’s opinion, a situation occurs in the territory that causes a major traffic or public transit disruption; or
(2)  in any other situation the Minister may determine by regulation.
The Minister must, without delay, publish any decision the Minister makes under the second paragraph on the Minister’s department’s website and send a copy to every registered dispatcher and transportation system operator concerned.
The Minister may, in the cases and on the conditions the Minister determines, delegate to any department personnel member he or she designates the powers conferred on the Minister by the second paragraph, except the power to make a regulation.
2019, c. 182019, c. 18, s. 94.