T-11.2 - Act respecting remunerated passenger transportation by automobile

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297. Despite section 89.1 of the Act respecting transportation services by taxi, the following pilot projects remain in force until 10 October 2020, unless the Minister terminates them before that date:
(1)  the Pilot project concerning permits and training of certain drivers providing remunerated passenger transportation on the island of Montréal (chapter S-6.01, r. 2.01);
(2)  the Pilot project to promote the use of new fully electric automobiles in the taxi transportation industry (chapter S-6.01, r. 2.1.1);
(3)  the Pilot project concerning remunerated passenger transportation services requested exclusively using a mobile application (chapter S-6.01, r. 2.3); and
(4)  the Pilot project to optimize taxi transportation services and the servicing of regional infrastructures and equipment in the territory of the Communauté métroplitaine de Québec, made by Order 2018-24 of the Minister of Transport (2018, G.O. 2, 5235A).
Until that date, the territory to which each of those pilot projects applies may not be modified. Neither may new transportation services be authorized by the Minister under section 89.1 of the Act respecting transportation services by taxi.
The first paragraph applies despite any court decision rendered after 19 March 2019 that invalidates or suspends the application of one of those pilot projects.
2019, c. 182019, c. 18, s. 297.