T-11.1 - Act respecting transportation by taxi

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52. (Repealed).
1983, c. 46, s. 52; 2001, c. 15, s. 137.
52. To finance its activities, a recognized league may, by by-law approved by the majority of votes of the taxi permit holders who vote at a special meeting held for such purpose, fix the annual contribution.
The Commission may hold an inquiry, at the request of not less than 10% of the taxi permit holders of the urban area filed within fifteen days of the meeting, to determine whether the annual contribution fixed at the meeting is sufficient to enable the league to carry out its responsibilities under section 50. The Commission, if it considers the contribution insufficient, may fix it at such amount as it may indicate, but without exceeding the amount of the contribution in force before the special meeting.
1983, c. 46, s. 52.