S-4.2 - Act respecting health services and social services

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209.0.1. Despite the third paragraph of section 209, an institution may choose not to set up an in-patients’ committee for a facility that provides lodging to fewer than 10 users or that expects to provide lodging to most of its users for a period of less than six months.
In such a case, after consulting its users’ committee, the institution must either entrust the exercise of the functions set out in section 212.1 to the users’ committee, or group the facility together with one or more other facilities maintained by the institution in order to establish a single in-patients’ committee for all those facilities.
Sections 209 to 212.1 then apply, with the necessary modifications.
Each year, the institution must assess the effectiveness of the measure chosen under the second paragraph and, if need be, modify it in accordance with this section.
2009, c. 45, s. 30.