S-4.2 - Act respecting health services and social services

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118.1. Force, isolation, mechanical means or chemicals may not be used to place a person under control in an installation maintained by an institution except to prevent the person from inflicting harm upon himself or others. The use of such means must be minimal and resorted to only exceptionally, and must be appropriate having regard to the person’s physical and mental state.
Any measure referred to in the first paragraph applied in respect of a person must be noted in detail in the person’s record. In particular, a description of the means used, the time during which they were used and a description of the behaviour which gave rise to the application or continued application of the measure must be recorded.
Every institution must adopt a procedure for the application of such measures that is consistent with ministerial orientations, make the procedure known to the users of the institution and evaluate the application of such measures annually.
1997, c. 75, s. 49.