S-4.1.1 - Educational Childcare Act

Full text
88.10. (Repealed).
2015, c. 8, s. 170; 2020, c. 52020, c. 5, s. 6.
88.10. For the purposes of subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph of section 88.2, the amount of $155,000 referred to in that subparagraph must be replaced, for the purpose of computing the additional parental contribution for a day of childcare in a year subsequent to 2015, from 1 January of each year, by the amount determined by the formula

A + [(B - C) × 260/3.9%].

In the formula in the first paragraph,
(1)  A is the amount that results from the indexation of the $75,000 referred to in section 88.8 and that is applicable for the year that includes the day of childcare;
(2)  B is the maximum contribution amount applicable to that day of childcare; and
(3)  C is the first level contribution amount applicable to that day of childcare.
If an amount determined under the formula in the first paragraph has at least one decimal, it must be rounded to the nearest whole number or, if it is equidistant from two such numbers, to the higher whole number.
2015, c. 8, s. 170.