S-4.1.1 - Educational Childcare Act

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6.1. Section 6 does not apply to a natural person who
(1)  is an own-account worker;
(2)  provides childcare in a private residence where such childcare is not already being provided;
(3)  provides childcare to up to six children of whom not more than two are under the age of 18 months, including the person’s own children under nine years of age and any other children under nine who ordinarily live with the person and are present while the childcare is provided;
(4)  holds an attestation issued by a police force or the Minister for himself or herself and for each person of full age living in the residence, establishing that none of them has an impediment under paragraph 2 or 3 of section 26;
(5)  holds a certificate attesting that he or she has successfully completed a first aid course determined by government regulation;
(6)  is covered by a civil liability insurance policy whose amount and coverage are determined by government regulation;
(7)  notifies the parent using his or her services in writing that, as regards childcare services, he or she is subject only to the conditions provided for in this section, that he or she offers unrecognized home childcare, that he or she is not subject to monitoring by a home childcare coordinating office and that the quality of his or her childcare service is not assessed by the Minister; and
(8)  has not been convicted of an offence under section 6.2, or more than two years have elapsed since the conviction.
For the purposes of subparagraph 4 of the first paragraph, the Government determines, by regulation, the terms and conditions a person must fulfil to obtain an attestation establishing that no impediment exists.
The notice provided for in subparagraph 7 of the first paragraph, in the form prescribed by the Minister, must be signed by the parent and kept by the person offering the childcare for as long as the child receives the services. The notice must also contain any other element provided for by government regulation.
2017, c. 312017, c. 31, s. 5.