S-31.1 - Business Corporations Act

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281. Corporations may amalgamate by simple resolution of the board of directors of each amalgamating corporation if all of their issued shares are held either by the shareholder who controls the amalgamating corporations or by that shareholder and one or more of the amalgamating corporations.
Each such resolution must provide that
(1)  all shares of the amalgamating corporations, except the shares held in one amalgamating corporation by the shareholder who controls the amalgamating corporations, are to be cancelled without any repayment of capital in respect of the shares;
(2)  the articles of amalgamation are to be the same as the articles of the corporation whose shares are not cancelled, except as concerns the name of the amalgamated corporation, which may be the name of one of the other amalgamating corporations; and
(3)  the issued and paid-up share capital account of the amalgamating corporations is to be added, to the extent determined by the corporations, to that of the amalgamating corporation whose shares are not all cancelled.
By the same resolution, each board of directors authorizes a director or an officer of the corporation to sign the articles of amalgamation.
2009, c. 52, s. 281; 2010, c. 40, s. 78.