S-30.01 - Act respecting public transit authorities

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162.7. When the Société de transport de Québec plans to carry out work or works necessary for the pursuit of its mission provided for in section 162.1 and relating to the tramway network, the urban agglomeration council of Ville de Québec may, by by-law, allow such work or works to be carried out.
For that purpose, and despite any provision to the contrary, the purpose of the by-law is to enact the planning rules that the Société de transport de Québec must comply with in carrying out the work and works concerned. The by-law may not be adopted before the tabling, before the urban agglomeration council of Québec, of the report on a public consultation held by the Société, in accordance with a policy adopted by its board of directors, on the work or works to be allowed by the by-law.
That policy must provide that, at least seven days before the public consultation, a notice of the consultation must be published in a newspaper in the territory of the municipality and be posted on the land where the proposed work or works are to be carried out so as to be clearly noticeable and visible from the public road.
2019, c. 152019, c. 15, s. 21.