S-29.01 - Act respecting trust companies and savings companies

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5. The Business Corporations Act (chapter S-31.1), except Chapter X, Division II of Chapter XII and Chapters XIII, XIV, XVI and XVII, applies to Québec companies, subject to this Act and with the necessary modifications.
However, sections 49, 50 and 123.107 to 123.110 of the Companies Act (chapter C-38) continue to apply to a company, with the necessary modifications.
1987, c. 95, s. 5; 2009, c. 52, s. 665.
5. The provisions of Part I of the Companies Act (chapter C-38) that are consistent with this Act apply to companies incorporated by letters patent.
Section 88, paragraph 3 of section 89 and sections 89.1 to 89.4 of Part I and the provisions of Part II of the Companies Act that are consistent with this Act, except section 181 and paragraph 3 of section 182, apply to every company incorporated by a special Act.
Where, pursuant to Parts I and II of the Companies Act, any approval by the vote of at least two-thirds in value of the shares represented by the shareholders present at a special general meeting of the company is required, approval by at least two-thirds of the votes given by the shareholders at a special meeting called for that purpose is substituted therefor.
1987, c. 95, s. 5.