S-2.1 - Act respecting occupational health and safety

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230. (Replaced).
1979, c. 63, s. 230; 1985, c. 6, s. 548.
230. If the presumption in favour of the worker does not apply and the subsequent decision is to the effect that the worker was laid off, dismissed, suspended, transferred or subjected to a discriminatory or disciplinary measure by the employer for exercising a right or a function under this act or the regulations, the labour commissioner may order the employer to reinstate the worker, with all his rights and privileges, within eight days of service of the decision, and to pay him an indemnity equal to the wages and other benefits he has been deprived of.
If the worker has worked elsewhere while the lay-off, dismissal, suspension or measure has been in effect, his wages earned thereby must be deducted from the amount paid to him.
1979, c. 63, s. 230.