S-16 - Act respecting the Société du parc industriel et commercial aéroportuaire de Mirabel

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17. (1)  The Société may execute all the works required for the implementation of any plan contemplated in paragraph a of section 4, but unless it involves an expenditure of less than $25 000, a contract for the execution of works or the supply of equipment or materials shall not be awarded except after a call for public tenders by advertisement in at least one daily newspaper.
(2)  The delay for the receipt of tenders shall not be less than eight days.
(3)  Tenders shall not be called for nor shall the contracts resulting therefrom be awarded except on one or the other of the following bases:
(a)  for a fixed price;
(b)  at unit prices.
(4)  All tenders must be opened publicly in the presence of at least two witnesses, on the day and at the time and place mentioned in the call for tenders.
(5)  All those who have tendered may be present at the opening of the tenders.
(6)  The names of the tenderers and their respective prices must be mentioned aloud at the opening of the tenders.
(7)  The Société shall not, without the previous authorization of the Québec Minister, award the contract to any person except the one who made the lowest tender within the prescribed delay.
1976, c. 32, s. 17.