R-9.2 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Peace Officers in Correctional Services

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120. (Replaced).
1987, c. 107, s. 120; 1988, c. 82, s. 209; 2004, c. 39, s. 44.
120. The pensioner becomes, notwithstanding section 2, an employee within the meaning of this plan except where he elects not to participate in this plan.
The election applies from the date on which the Commission receives notice in writing to that effect. However, an election made by an employee who has not been credited with or who has not transferred years or parts of a year of service under the plan from his first day of service in his last pensionable employment applies from that day or from the date on which he reaches 65 years of age, if the first day referred to above precedes his 65th birthday.
1987, c. 107, s. 120; 1988, c. 82, s. 209.
120. The pensioner may elect to become a member of this plan.
1987, c. 107, s. 120.