R-17 - Act respecting supplemental pension plans

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1. In this act, the following expressions mean:
(a)  office : the position of an individual entitling him to remuneration, including the position of director of a corporation and that of a full-time agent;
(b)  employee : an individual who, for a continuous period of not less than six months, does work under a contract of lease and hire of personal services or holds an office in a place where the supplemental plan to which he contributes is subject to this act or to similar legislation;
(c)  continuous period : the period of time during which an employee is bound by a contract of lease and hire of services or holds an office, without regard to periods of temporary suspension of employment with or without remuneration;
(d)  employer : a person who pays an employee a remuneration for his services;
(e)  supplemental plan or plan : provisions established for the payment of retirement pensions to employees, including a deferred profit sharing pension plan;
(f)  registered plan : a supplemental plan certified to be in conformity with the standards of this act or of similar legislation;
(g)  insured plan : a supplemental plan the pensions and other benefits of which are fully insured or guaranteed either by the government of Canada or that of any province, or by an insurance company or association registered in Québec;
(h)  contribution : a sum of money paid by an employer or employee under a supplemental plan;
(i)  voluntary additional contribution : an additional and optional contribution by an employee which, under the terms of the plan, does not impose upon the employer an obligation to make a concurrent additional contribution;
(j)  pension : the aggregate of the periodic amounts to which an employee will become entitled upon retirement or to which any other person is entitled by virtue of his death after retirement under a supplemental plan;
(k)  pension credit : the value at a particular time of any pension, benefit or reimbursement provided for under a supplemental plan, to which a person has become entitled;
(l)  deferred annuity : a life annuity the payment of which commences at normal retirement age under a supplemental plan, whether or not it is continued after death to some other person;
(m)  qualification date : as regards employment in Québec, 1 January 1966, and, as regards employment elsewhere, the date upon which a supplemental plan becomes subject to similar legislation;
(n)  standards : the standards determined by this act and the regulations;
(o)  prescribed : prescribed by regulation;
(p)  Board : the Régie des rentes du Québec;
(q)  other province : any Canadian Province or territory other than Québec;
(r)  similar legislation : an act establishing standards declared to be similar by the Government.
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