R-12.1 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Management Personnel

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53.7. The adjusted pensionable salary for a year, used to compute the annualized pensionable salary of an employee who holds pensionable employment under the plan for which the basis of remuneration is 260 days, is the pensionable salary established under sections 25 to 28.1, multiplied by the daily factor applicable to that salary for the class of employees to which the employee belongs and divided by the number of contributory days included in the pensionable salary reference period for the year determined under section 37.1.
However, if a lump sum included in the pensionable salary is paid during the year as an increase in or adjustment to the pensionable salary for a previous year, it must be subtracted from the pensionable salary for the year during which it is paid.
An adjusted pensionable salary is also computed for an employee to whom section 25.1 applies for the year for which no service is credited to the employee.
The daily factor referred to in the first paragraph makes it possible to convert the annual basic salary into a daily salary, on the basis of the conditions of employment applicable to the employee. The Government may, by regulation, establish the daily factor, which may vary with the class of employees and the terms of payment of the employees’ salary.
2008, c. 25, s. 87.