R-12.1 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Management Personnel

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24. The Government may also establish a special pension plan for persons who belong to classes of full-time employees it designates from those excluded by virtue of subparagraph 7 of the first paragraph of section 3. In that case, if a person belongs to such a class and is a member of the Civil Service Superannuation Plan, the person may elect to become a member of that special plan by sending a notice to that effect, and the special plan applies to that person from the first of the month occurring not less than three months after receipt of the notice.
For the purposes of partition of the family patrimony, the Government may render all or some of the rules prescribed in Chapter VIII or enacted by the Government under the provisions of that chapter applicable to the plan, with the necessary modifications. It may also, for the same purposes, prescribe special provisions concerning the establishment and valuation of the benefits accrued under such plan as well as the reduction, by reason of the payment of the sums attributed to the spouse, of the sums payable under such plan.
2001, c. 31, s. 24.