R-0.2 - Act respecting the determination of the causes and circumstances of death

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71. Every person authorized under section 49 or exercising the powers of a coroner under section 65, 66 or 68 is bound to comply with the obligations imposed by sections 55 to 61.
The person shall also,
(1)  in accordance with the directives of the Chief Coroner or the coroner, direct the dead body of which he has taken possession to a designated morgue;
(2)  indicate in the minutes of seizure the number and date of issue of the authorization under which he is acting, where an authorization has been issued;
(3)  immediately transmit to the coroner a copy of the minutes of seizure he has drawn up;
(4)  remit to any person designated by the coroner any seized object or document in his custody.
1983, c. 41, s. 71.