Q-2 - Environment Quality Act

Full text The Minister shall establish the boundaries of the flood zones of lakes or watercourses and those of the mobility zones of watercourses.
For that purpose, the Minister shall prepare, keep up to date and make public the rules applicable for establishing such boundaries, which must provide, in particular, that the Minister considers the impact of a flood protection works on a flood zone only if the works is covered by an order made under section 46.0.13.
The Minister may, when establishing the boundaries of the zones referred to in the first paragraph, require a municipality to send him all information concerning the determination of the flood zones of lakes and watercourses that it used for land use planning in its territory.
The Minister shall publish a notice in the Gazette officielle du Québec, after consulting with the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife, specifying that the boundaries of the flood zones of lakes and watercourses and mobility zones of watercourses have been established and are disseminated by a technological means specified in the notice. The boundaries take effect on the date the notice is published.
2021, c. 72021, c. 7, s. 88.