Q-2 - Environment Quality Act

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31.48. As soon as the work or works made necessary by the implementation of a rehabilitation plan approved by the Minister have been completed, the person or municipality required to carry out the work or works shall transmit to the Minister a certificate of an expert referred to in section 31.65 stating that they were carried out in accordance with the plan.
1990, c. 26, s. 4; 1997, c. 43, s. 523; 1999, c. 40, s. 239; 2000, c. 42, s. 208; 2002, c. 11, s. 2.
Not in force
31.48. After the expiry of the time granted to the owner to present observations or after he has presented observations, where such is the case, and where the provisions of section 31.46 are still applicable, the Minister shall register the notice at the registry office. The registrar shall enter the notice in the land register below the number of every lot or part of lot affected.
The Minister shall notify the owner and transmit a copy of the notice to the secretary-treasurer or clerk of the municipality where the contaminated soil has been found, who shall place the notice at the disposal of the public. The Minister shall, in addition, transmit a copy to any person having filed a sworn complaint with him in respect of the subject of the notice.
The Minister shall publish the notice in a daily newspaper having general circulation in the region where the contaminated soil is located.
1990, c. 26, s. 4; 1997, c. 43, s. 523; 1999, c. 40, s. 239; 2000, c. 42, s. 208.