Q-2 - Environment Quality Act

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31.15. In addition to the information required under section 27, an authorization to operate an industrial establishment must contain
(1)  the applicable contaminant release standards prescribed by government regulation;
(2)  the measures required to prevent the accidental occurrence of a contaminant in the environment;
(3)  any corrective program required by the Minister under section 31.27, if applicable;
(4)  any additional condition, restriction or prohibition the Minister may prescribe under this division; and
(5)  any other element determined by government regulation.
The second paragraph of section 27 applies to the information and documents referred to in the first paragraph.
1988, c. 49, s. 8; 1991, c. 30, s. 6; 2017, c. 42017, c. 4, s. 26.
31.15. Where all of the contaminant discharge standards adopted by the Government or a municipality are insufficient to ensure that the environment affected by an industrial establishment is suitable for the normal development of human beings and plant and animal life, or do not adequately protect human beings and plant and animal life from unacceptable risks imputable to the acute or chronic toxicity of any contaminant or to its carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic or synergistic effects, the Minister may, in the depollution attestation, establish other contaminant discharge standards for each industrial establishment. The Minister shall, however, before establishing a contaminant discharge standard under this paragraph, make public the criteria and methods according to which the standard may be established.
The Minister may, for each contaminant discharge standard he may establish under the first paragraph, indicate in the attestation a date of implementation for each standard by fixing requirements and dates of application.
The Minister may also, when issuing a depollution attestation, defer, for a period not exceeding three years, the application of a contaminant discharge standard referred to in paragraph 3 of section 31.12 where he considers that compliance with the standard at the time of its application in respect of the holder will interfere with the requirements and dates of application established under the second paragraph.
For the purposes of the third paragraph, there is interference where the introduction of an abatement technology or of an industrial process which would allow compliance with the regulatory standard referred to in the third paragraph is insufficient and incompatible with the technology or process the introduction of which is intended to allow compliance with a discharge standard established by the Minister under the first paragraph.
1988, c. 49, s. 8; 1991, c. 30, s. 6.