Q-2 - Environment Quality Act

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31.0.6. The Government may, by regulation, designate the activities referred to in section 22 or 30 that, subject to the conditions, restrictions and prohibitions determined in the regulation, are eligible for a declaration of compliance under this subdivision.
The person or municipality must file the declaration of compliance with the Minister at least 30 days before beginning the activity or, in the cases determined by government regulation, within any shorter time limit and attest that the activity will comply with the conditions, restrictions and prohibitions determined under the first paragraph.
The provisions of the regulation may vary according to the class of activities, persons or municipalities, the territory concerned or the characteristics of a milieu. The regulation may also prescribe any transitional measure applicable to activities in progress that become eligible for such a declaration on the date of its coming into force.
Activities declared in accordance with this subdivision are not subject to subdivision 1.
2017, c. 42017, c. 4, s. 16; 2017, c. 14, s. 29.