P-9.1 - Act respecting liquor permits

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160.4. The duties paid for the issue of a reunion permit under section 3 of the Regulation respecting duties and costs payable under the Act respecting liquor permits (chapter P-9.1, r. 3), as it read between 7 May 2015 and 1 May 2020, are deemed to have been paid under sections 160.2 and 160.3, as the case may be.
Subject to section 87 of the Indian Act (R.S.C. 1985, c. I-5), section 188 of the Naskapi and the Cree-Naskapi Commission Act (S.C. 1984, c. 18) and section 15 of the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee Governance Agreement Act (S.C. 2018, c. 4, s. 1), the amounts paid as duties under that Regulation during the period provided for in the first paragraph are deemed to be duties validly collected under that paragraph. Those amounts belong to the Government.
2020, c. 52020, c. 5, s. 235.