P-9.1 - Act respecting liquor permits

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156. At least two months before the date provided for in section 151 but not later than 1 March 1981, the Régie shall send a notice to a permit holder informing him of the date and duration of renewal of his permit, of the duties he must pay and of his obligation to do so at least ten days before the date of renewal.
Furthermore, if the renewal of a permit takes place
(1)  on 1 January, February, March or April 1981, the Régie shall credit to the permit holder the amount he has already paid upon the issue or the last renewal of the permit for the period comprised between the date of renewal and 30 April 1981;
(2)  on 1 June, July, August, September, October, November or December 1981, the Régie shall indicate the supplementary duties the holder must pay to maintain his permit in force for the period from 1 May 1981 to the date of renewal of the permit, and his obligation to pay these duties at least ten days before 1 May 1981, under pain of cancellation of the permit on that date.
Section 53 applies, with the necessary modifications, if a permit holder does not pay the prescribed duties within the allotted time. The date of expiry of the permit is then deemed to be the date provided for the renewal, or 1 May 1981 in the case contemplated in paragraph 2 of the second paragraph.
1979, c. 71, s. 156.