P-41.1 - Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities

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79.13. The mediator shall refuse or cease to examine an application where judicial proceedings brought in relation to similar facts and with respect to the same by-law are in progress or have been the subject of a final decision disposing of the application.
1989, c. 7, s. 26; 1996, c. 26, s. 47.
79.13. Without restricting the application of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2) and the recourses available to a person under the said Act, no person shall incur any liability in respect of a third person by reason of dust, odor or noise resulting from farming activities in an agricultural zone or be prevented by the third person from carrying on farming activities if he does so according to law and in compliance with the regulations and orders made under the Environment Quality Act with respect to dust, odors or noise resulting from farming activities in agricultural zones.
1989, c. 7, s. 26.