P-34.1 - Youth Protection Act

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37.8. Every institution operating a child and youth protection centre must enter into an agreement with a school board in the region served by the centre concerning the services to be provided to a child and his parents by the health and social services network and the education network if the child is the subject of a report for a situation of educational neglect in connection with the schooling the child receives or with the child’s compliance with compulsory school attendance under subparagraph iii of subparagraph 1 of subparagraph b of the second paragraph of section 38.
The agreement must establish a method of cooperation to ensure the child’s situation is monitored.
The agreement must cover, among other aspects, the continuity and complementarity of the services provided and the actions to be taken jointly. The parties are required to share the information necessary for the implementation of the agreement.
2017, c. 182017, c. 18, s. 17.