O-9 - Act respecting municipal territorial organization

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127. (Repealed).
1988, c. 19, s. 127; 1993, c. 65, s. 34.
127. For the purposes of this chapter, an interested person is a person who would be a qualified voter entitled to be entered on the referendum list of the area to be annexed if the date of reference, within the meaning of the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities (chapter E-2.2), were the date of disapproval of the annexation by-law provided for in section 128 or, as the case may be, the date of expiry of the time prescribed for deciding in favour or against the by-law or, in case of objection to the amendment proposal submitted by the Minister, the date of the publication provided for in section 148.
The provisions of the said Act which pertain to the manner in which legal persons are to exercise their rights and the method of counting the qualified voters entitled to be entered on the referendum list and the applications for a referendum poll apply, adapted as required, to an application under section 134.
1988, c. 19, s. 127.