O-8.1 - Act respecting police organization

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51.6. Within 40 days of receipt of a complaint or of identification of the police officer concerned, the commissioner shall, after making a preliminary analysis of the complaint,
(1)  decide whether the complaint is to be dealt with under his authority or whether he must reject the complaint;
(2)  refer the complaint to the appropriate police force for the purposes of a criminal investigation if it appears to him that a criminal offence may have been committed;
(3)  where applicable, designate the conciliator and transmit the file to him;
(4)  inform the complainant, the police officer and the director of the police force concerned of his decision to refer the complaint to conciliation, to deal with it under his authority or to reject it;
(5)  notify the police officer concerned in writing of the substance of the complaint and of the facts enabling the event that gave rise to the complaint to be identified.
1997, c. 52, s. 10.