O-8.1 - Act respecting police organization

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169. Every municipality has the power required to adopt a body of rules relating to the internal discipline applicable to the members of its police force.
The Minister may exercise such power in respect of the members of the Sûreté du Québec.
Such power may also be exercised by the director of a police force if the municipality or, as the case may be, the Minister so decides.
The disciplinary rules shall determine the duties incumbent upon and the standards of conduct to be upheld by the police officers for the purpose of ensuring effectiveness, the quality of the service and respect for the authority of ranking officers.
The rules may contain standards and directives, impose duties of a general or particular nature and prohibitions, determine what acts or omissions constitute breaches of discipline, establish a disciplinary procedure, determine the disciplinary powers of ranking officers and prescribe penalties.
1988, c. 75, s. 169.