O-8.1 - Act respecting police organization

Full text
101. (Repealed).
1988, c. 75, s. 101; 1990, c. 27, s. 13; 1997, c. 52, s. 33.
101. The deed of appointment of each member other than the chairman shall specify the division to which he is appointed.
However, the chairman may, for the dispatch of the business of the committee, assign a member temporarily to another division.
1988, c. 75, s. 101; 1990, c. 27, s. 13.
101. A division of an ethics committee shall be composed of a presiding member, a police officer and a member who is not a police officer or an advocate, as designated by the chairman.
Every decision rendered by a division is a decision of the committee.
1988, c. 75, s. 101.