O-8.1 - Act respecting police organization

Full text
100. (Repealed).
1988, c. 75, s. 100; 1990, c. 27, s. 13; 1997, c. 52, s. 33.
100. Notwithstanding sections 98 and 99, the members who are police officers are entitled only to the salary they receive from their employer as police officers. Nevertheless, the Minister shall reimburse, in the cases, on the conditions and to the extent determined by the Government, the expenses they incur in the performance of their committee duties.
1988, c. 75, s. 100; 1990, c. 27, s. 13.
100. The Minister shall designate the chairman of each ethics committee from among its presiding members.
The chairman shall coordinate the work of the committee, fix the date of hearings and see to the establishment of divisions within the committee.
1988, c. 75, s. 100.