N-1.1 - Act respecting labour standards

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59.0.1. An employee may refuse to work
(1)  more than four hours after regular daily working hours or more than 14 working hours per 24 hour period, whichever period is the shortest or, for an employee whose daily working hours are flexible or non-continuous, more than 12 working hours per 24 hour period;
(2)  subject to section 53, more than 50 working hours per week or, for an employee working in an isolated area or carrying out work in the James Bay territory, more than 60 working hours per week.
This section does not apply where there is a danger to the life, health or safety of employees or the population, where there is a risk of destruction or serious deterioration of movable or immovable property or in any other case of superior force, or if the refusal is inconsistent with the employee’s professional code of ethics.
2002, c. 80, s. 17.