M-13 - Mining Act

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190. The Minister may grant to an individual, upon conditions determined by regulation, a licence to use any natural gas discovered by such person on his land while drilling or digging a well for water.
The holder of such a licence shall be entitled only to the gas contained within the overburden lying on the bed-rock and may utilize it only for his own domestic needs.
Every person who discovers natural gas on his land as a result of the drilling or digging of a well for water or otherwise shall notify the Minister without delay.
When natural gas so discovered puts any person or property in danger, the Minister may order the owner of the land to execute such works as are required to ensure the safety of such person or property or, if there is no other practical remedy, to seal off the well from which the natural gas is emanating, within such delay as he may fix, failing which the Minister may, at the cost of the owner of the land, execute such works or seal off the well.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 34, s. 189; 1977, c. 31, s. 14.