I-4 - Act respecting the application of the Taxation Act

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88.8. Sections 88.6 and 88.7 do not apply to any disposition by a corporation, partnership, association, syndicate or individual, in this section referred to as “the vendor”, of any right, licence or privilege unless the right, licence or privilege was acquired by the vendor under an agreement, contract or arrangement under which there was not acquired any other right to, over or in respect of the land in respect of which such right, licence or privilege was so acquired, except the right to explore for, drill for or take materials and substances, whether liquid or solid and whether hydrocarbons or not, produced in association with the petroleum, natural gas or other related hydrocarbons, except coal, or found in any water contained in an oil or gas reservoir, or to enter on, use and occupy as much of the land as is necessary for the purpose of exploiting the right, licence or privilege.
1998, c. 16, s. 256.