I-13.3 - Education Act

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91. For the purposes of section 90, the governing board may, in the name of the school board and within the scope of the school’s budget, contract with a person or body for the provision of goods or services. In addition, it may require a financial contribution from users of such goods and services.
A draft of a contract to be entered into under the first paragraph must be sent to the school board at least 20 days before its conclusion. Within 15 days after receiving it, the school board may indicate its disagreement on the ground of non-compliance with the standards governing the school board; in the absence of such indication, the contract may be concluded.
1988, c. 84, s. 91; 1997, c. 96, s. 13.
91. The committee shall adopt its annual operating budget, see to its administration and give an account thereof to the school board.
The budget shall maintain a balance between expenditures on the one hand and the financial resources allocated to the committee by the school board and the committee’s own other revenues, on the other.
1988, c. 84, s. 91.