I-13.03 - Act respecting the Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux

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7. In exercising the functions described in paragraph 8 of section 5, the institute must first assess the therapeutic value of a medication. If this is not established to its satisfaction, the institute sends a notice to that effect to the Minister.
If the institute considers that the therapeutic value of a medication has been established, it sends its recommendation to the Minister after assessing
(1)  the reasonableness of the price charged;
(2)  the cost-effectiveness ratio of the medication;
(3)  the impact that entering the medication on the list will have on the health of the general public and on the other components of the health and social services system; and
(4)  the advisability of entering the medication on the list, given the purpose of the basic prescription drug insurance plan.
2010, c. 15, s. 7.