I-0.4 - Mining Tax Act

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32.3. (Repealed).
1996, c. 4, s. 9; 2011, c. 6, s. 62.
32.3. The department shall pay, to a qualified operator, the amount determined under section 32.4 as an advance on the credit on duties for the cost of bringing an orebody into production if the operator
(1)  has submitted a plan to bring an orebody into production, supported by a feasibility study prepared by a person who is not related to the operator;
(2)  has submitted, with his plan to bring an orebody into production, a prescribed form, duly completed;
(3)  has obtained the capital from a qualified investment within six months from the date of the prior ministerial approval, or within such longer period as the Minister considers reasonable.
1996, c. 4, s. 9.