I-0.4 - Mining Tax Act

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32.1. (Repealed).
1985, c. 39, s. 6; 1994, c. 47, s. 34.
32.1. The allowable amount is the sum of the amounts deductible as mining exploration and development expenses incurred after 23 April 1985 by an operator for work carried out in Québec and of the amount deductible as depreciation allowance in respect of the cost of property acquired after 23 April 1985 by an operator and effectively used by him in mining operations in Québec after that date.
The allowable amount does not, however, include the expenses incurred for the operation of a quarry, a sand or gravel pit or a water well or expenses incurred by an operator for mining exploration and development work carried out for any purpose other than that of extracting mineral substances.
For the purposes of this section, a quarry means any place from where building or ornamental materials are extracted by a simple dynamiting, grinding, crushing or sawing operation.
1985, c. 39, s. 6.