F-4.1 - Forest Act

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95.10. The Minister shall ensure, for the purposes of the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement, the integration of the harmonization measures into the general forest management plans and the annual management plans, in particular the standards of forest management provided for in paragraphs 3.9.1 to 3.13.1 of the Agreement and in Parts II (C-2) and III (C-3) of Schedule C to the Agreement, where those standards differ from the standards prescribed by regulation of the Government.
The Minister shall identify, in the plan into which the standards are integrated, the places where they are applicable and, where that is the case, the regulatory standards for which they have been substituted.
The Minister shall withdraw from the plan concerned the standards that are described therein as soon as such standards are prescribed in a regulation.
2002, c. 25, s. 17.