F-4.1 - Forest Act

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35.14. The Minister may, as an exceptional measure, modify the boundaries of a management unit, subdivide it or join it to another unit, where the Minister considers that the unit, or another unit, because of a reduction in the areas intended for forest production or for any other reason, no longer has the characteristics required for optimum forest management. The same applies where the Minister considers it expedient to modify the northern limit.
The Minister shall make the new delimitation public at least two years before the date set for the forwarding of new general forest management plans ; the date of coming into force of the new delimitation shall be the same as the date applicable to the general plans.
For the establishment of the first general plan of a new management unit and the related consultations, and for the following five-year revision of the agreements, every holder of a current agreement covering all or part of the new unit is deemed to be the holder of an agreement concerning that unit and allocating, by species or group of species, a volume of timber equal to the percentage allocated under the current agreement in the common area.
Where production areas are withdrawn from a forest production area in circumstances described in section 35.15, sections 77.4 and 77.5 apply. The same applies where production areas are withdrawn following a modification to the northern limit.
2001, c. 6, s. 30.