F-4.1 - Forest Act

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26.0.1. Any employee of the department designated by the Minister to ascertain compliance with the scaling standards provided in or enacted under this Act for timber harvested in forests in the domain of the State may, in the exercise of the functions of office, intercept, on a road in a forest environment, a road vehicle used for the conveyance of timber, and demand that the driver stop the vehicle so that the documents relating to timber transportation that the driver is required to have in his possession be controlled and verified. For that purpose, the employee may
(1)  establish stopping points and control points in a forest environment;
(2)  require that the driver submit the said documents and all related information for examination;
(3)  require that the driver or any person accompanying the driver provide reasonable assistance during verification.
The driver of the vehicle and any person accompanying the driver must immediately comply with the relevant requirements.
2004, c. 6, s. 1.