F-4.1 - Forest Act

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25.3. Where a general forest management plan, or an amendment to such a plan, is submitted to the Minister for approval, the Minister may, for all or part of the management unit or territorial unit concerned, permit a departure from the standards for forest management prescribed by government regulation if it is shown that the substitute measures proposed by the agreement or contract holder offer equivalent or superior protection for forest resources and the forest environment.
The plan must indicate the regulatory standards from which a departure is to be permitted and specify the scope of the substitute measures, the places where they will apply, the results they are designed to achieve and the mechanisms that will ensure their application.
Before giving authorization, the Minister shall consult the other ministers concerned.
A person does not contravene the regulatory provisions indicated in the general plan approved by the Minister if the person complies with the corresponding provisions of the plan.
1993, c. 55, s. 8; 2001, c. 6, s. 23.
25.3. The Minister, when approving the five-year plan or the general plan, and after the consultation prescribed under section 58.2, may authorize the agreement holder to apply, in a particular territorial unit, standards of forest management that differ from those fixed by regulation where so justified by the characteristics of the forest in that unit and the nature of the project to be carried out.
Such standards must be the subject of prior consultation with the departments concerned.
1993, c. 55, s. 8.